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1.HieiLvl. 655
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4.CachorrolloucoLvl. 509
5.Black LifeLvl. 502

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1.OnixdelamaPok. 422
2.KakarePok. 382
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4.Ash KeachumPok. 377
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1.    Introduction

     Regards, The Pstorm team has been a while preparing an update to distance from the common patterns of servers. With the purpose of a prominent position in the community of alternative Pokémon servers, and to prove our potential and preocupation with the players’ requests, we chose to give our best to fix bugs that already existed and implantate new systems. Although some systems are known, we believe that they will bring better the gameplay and fun to you that prefer the PStorm!
     Many players did not believe in the greatness of this update because of the time that we took to finish it, but they have no idea of the work and the efforts we had on doing it with total dedication. Everything was made to please you in the maximum, trying not to leave fall short.
     We had some contretemps that delayed our update, but now it's done, and came to stay and for you enjoy! Take look in what changed:

2.    Changes, updates and corrections

We know that this is the part that you were most expecting to read, so pay attention to each one of the changes, because maybe it does a big difference for you.

  ••• Game Interface Optmization
- Cooldown Bars: See how long it will take to reload a movement, and if the bar is green, press to use it!
- Page Up/Page Down Keys: Use them while you are flying on a Pokemon to change between floors.

••• New Site: with a new layout and more options

••• Map, stories and quests

- New hunting spots.
- New quests: more than 3, including Ghost Plague Quest, the substitute for the old Box+3 (if you have already done it before, you'll be allowed to do it again!)
- New city Twinville and reconstruction of Cinnabar.
- Upgrade in hunting areas already existents.
- Fishing Zone: Pay 5K to Jack and enter in the Fishing Zone of the Two Brothers for 20 minutes! In this place, you can fish stronger Pokemons according to your Fishing level and rod, and if you are lucky, you can even fish a Shiny Pokemon! And more: if you kill it, you earn more time inside the Fishing Zone.
- Master PVP Arena: The greatest arena of PStorm, with random teams, differing by the outfit color. The true "hardcore" battle arena of PStorm!

••• Systems
- Rare Loots Warning: If you drop a rare loot, like evolution items, an emoticon will appear over your character, and you'll receive an orange message in your MSG-Box informing you about it.
- New PokeDex: With more informations, and also with the possibility to consult the Pokemons that you already discovered. It is divided in pages, so you can change between pages with the Next and Back options. NOTE: All PokeDexes were reseted (because of a necessity, and we are sorry for that), and that means you'll be able to discover all Pokemons again.
- Multi-Language Project: With the command !setlanguage, you will can change your primary language to English or Portuguese. This command translates only, for now, some of our systems and automatic global messages, but in the future it will translate all the game. It is of great service to brazilian players, and mainly for people from other countries, what shows our interest to benefit all players, independently of nationality.
- Reliance: The bigger is the difference between your level and your Pokemon's level, the more reliance it will have on you, what means more strength and defense to him. Check out the reliance by using the command !reliance.
- Pokemons with Gender: Now your pokemons will have gender. They can be Male, Female or for certain species, Genderless (just like Legendary pokémons, Voltorb, Staryu, and others).This system still doesn't have a specific function, but it makes the game funnier and more complete.
- Giving nicknames to your Pokemons: Now you can give cool nicknames to your pokemons, customizing them and having an unique team! Talk to NPC Nick.
••• Habilities
- Control Mind: Some Pokemons now have this hability, that controls the mind of other wild Pokemons, with the restriction that theeir level must not be higher than of yours' Pokemon. It lasts around 3 minutes.
- Stats-Up Habilities: Habilities like Harden, Rage, Agility, Hone Claws, Defense Curl and some more, alter the stats of your Pokemon, as defense, strength, agility, and etc.
More than 50 new Moves.

••• Other News
- More Pokemons: New common Pokemons, Shinies and finally the official launch of the 3rd Season on PStorm (Torchic, Treecko e Mudkip are now able to evolve)
- Loot items: More than 20 new loot items and 15 kinds of colored PokeOrbs that now have functions. The pokeorbs can be compared to the soul of rare, evolved and strong pokemons. It varies depending on the element, color or other Pokémon peculiarity. There are rumors that a NPC lost in the sea buys this orbs for a good price!
- More than 4 new colors to paint your Pokeballs: The NPC Victoria has been doing some painting classes and developed four new beautiful models of pokeballs! Customize your all of yours!
New Outfits: More than 5 new outfits available for all Premium Account characters to use, and still doesn't need quest to wear them.
- Decorating your house: The NPC Akinori Nagasawa sells eletro-electronics, Beatrice sells furnishings, and Alice has a floriculture. They are all, originally, in Cinnabar.
- Changes in many sprites 

••• Fixed bugs, changes and explications
- Anti-KS: Who deals more damage to a wild Pokemons remains with its body and loot.
- Bug Fix in houses' beds: Sleeping in the bed doesn't grow catch anymore.
- More than 80 Pokemons rebalanced.
- Sea surronded with invisible walls: Now nobody will get lost in sea anymore.
- Allowance to fly on sea floor.
- Bug Fix in healing habilities: Do not heal wild Pokemons anymore.
- Loots revision
: Mais de 250 pokémons tiveram seus loots revisados.
- Bug Fix in Arenas: People without team don't deal nor receive damage inside of an arena.
- Maximum Fishing Skill is now 200: If your fishing skill was higher than 200, it was reduced to the limit.
- Ghost Plague and Mewtwo Quest: Só podem entrar nessas quests players que ainda não as fizeram.
- Mewtwo Quest: It opens everyday at 8PM (GMT+3), and if someone do it, stays closed until the next daily server shutdown, which is at 5AM.
-And more.

3.    Last considerations

We are thankful for your loyalty for continue playing PStorm after periods of instability, and we declare that we want to become better and better, atteding more requests of the players, like you. From now on, you will experience your best Pokémon experience of your life. Good luck in your journey, young trainer!

About the Downloads (Important!):
We are releasing two clientes, each one with a different theme. You can choose between Style 1 and Style 2. Also, you can download the client with the game interface optmized or without it, in case that the first one doesn't work good on your computer. It's highly recommended for you to download the recommended versions, no matter the style.
Just below you can see a small preview of the Styles:

Style 1:
Preview Style 1 

Style 2:
Preview Style 2 

*Clients WITH game interface optimized (RECOMMENDED)*
Download PokeStorm 3.20 Style 1
Download PokeStorm 3.20 Style 2

Clients WITHOUT game interface optimized (just in case the clients above don't work well)
Download PokeStorm 3.20 Style 1
Download PokeStorm 3.20 Style 2